What is Radon?

Radon is an odorless and colorless gas produced by decaying uranium in soil, rock and groundwater. Radon causes thousands of preventable lung cancer deaths each year and the U.S. Surgeon General and leading health organizations recommend that all homes be tested.


How does radon get into a house?

Radon gets into the indoor air through various means, including cracks in the foundation, basement floors or concrete slabs and openings around floor drains and sump pumps. Radon levels can change considerably from home to home in the same neighborhood and can even vary over time.


How can I tell if my home has radon?

A simple and inexpensive radon test can be performed by HomeTeam to determine if you have an elevated radon level in your home and if a relatively simple mitigation procedure is in order.


What can I do if I have radon?

If high levels of radon are confirmed, they can be reduced with proper mitigation. You should contact a qualified radon mitigation company to find the best solution for your situation.


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